How to choose a Right Engineering College?

The question arises that how to decide a college when there are thousands of engineering colleges in India. In this article we will discuss some of the features of colleges which will help you choose the right college. There are various factors while deciding a college for admission but always keep in mind the following factors while choosing a college:

Infrastructure: This is the most important factor while choosing a college Infrastructure does not means good looking building only. It means that whether a college has sufficient amount of infrastructure according to it's intake capacity. It includes classroom, administrative building, workshop, computer labs, various laboratories etc. Because during your four year of graduation you need all these things, so keep it your first preference while choosing a college.

Faculty: Having a good infrastructure is not enough only. After having a sufficient infrastructure it is the faculty that make it useful, otherwise it will be a school without a teacher. Always have a look on college faculty, which includes Professors, reader, lecturer, teacher-student ratio, visiting faculty, teaching experience etc.

Facilities: This is another important factor that you have to keep in mind. Facilities provided by college assist you during your college period. It includes Library, Internet, intranet, hostels, seminar halls, dispensary, student clubs, gym etc.

Placements: This is the most important factor while deciding a college. It not meant that it is the first and last criteria to choose a college. Placements of a college depend upon many factors like its infrastructure, faculty, facilities provided by college to its student, college rank, past performance of the students in company, and last but not the least individual talent and personality and many more factors. Have a look on past placement record of college branch wise as well as company wise. So keep all the things in mind while deciding a college.

Extra curricular activities: This is also one of the factor that should be taken into account because "all work and no play make jack a dull boy" this is true because you have not to study only but have to survive in a competitive environment and for that u have to be a good personality. Extracurricular activities play a very important role in your personality development. So have a look about extra activities provided by college like, annual function, sport function, students club, seminars and workshops, industrial training, social activities, NCC, NSS etc.

Location: This factor does not play a very important role but if it is nearby any industrial or software hub then it may be slightly useful to you as far as your industrial training and placement is concerned but keep this factor at last.

 How to choose the Right Engineering Branch?

This is the most difficult question to answer. In previous article - how to choose a college but in this article - how to choose a branch but you will tell that which branch do you like most.

Don't worry it is very difficult for you to give the answer so to help you to know your interest in a particular branch. It's very simple just give the answer of some question and then decide yourself that which branch do you like most or which branch suited to you according to your interest. We will discuss branch wise so that you can choose tour branch according to your interest.

Computer Science & Engineering
1. Do you like computer? (not talking about computer games and Internet)
2. Do you want to do something new in computer?
3. Do you always experiment with your computer and surprise others?
4. Are you strong enough in mathematics and logic making skills?
5. Do you like puzzles?
6. Are you having a good IQ.

If you answer most of the question in yes then this is the branch for you and you are made for this branch. This branch requires a good logic making skills and good aptitude, innovation and hard work. If you are having all these things in you then go for this branch. Information Technology This branch requires the same skills as in Computer science & engineering. There is a little bit difference in their syllabus content. There is no big difference as far as placement and job opportunity is concerned both the branch are equally good and well played.

Electrical & Electronics (for EEE or ECE or EIE branches)
1. Have you ever open your switch board and repair it?
2. Do you want to know the functioning of your home electrical appliances?
3. Do you want to know what is really going on in a computer CPU?
4.Are you interested in sensors & transistor?
5. Do you want to make your own robot?

If yes then this is the branch for you, again there is a small difference in electrical and electronics most of the syllabus content are same. In most college theses are separate branches but in some college they are same. In short we can say that electronics is subset of electrical. As far as placement and job opportunity is concerned then it depends from college to college.

Mechanical & Production Engineering
1. Are you interested in bike and cars design?
2. Do you take interest in functioning of daily routine things?
3. Do you ask basic question to your teachers (i.e how this works? how that works?)
4. Do you like physics?
5. Do you like to make some new mechanism?
6. Do you like to use your engineering skills for a common man life?
if yes then you are at right place this is the branch for you. This branch requires a real hard work. In most of the colleges mechanical and production are different branches but there syllabus content is more or less similar but in few colleges this is combined. There is a misconception that in this branch's job opportunity are less as compared to computer science and electronics. Again it’s depending upon individual. This is called evergreen branch, now a days there are a lot of job opportunity and money in this sector if you have talent and ready to work hard.

Civil Engineering
1. Are you interested in building or making?
2. Are you ready to rock the world by your talent?
3. Have you ever think how this can be done after seeing a building?

If yes then this is the branch for you. There is a misconception that in this branch's job opportunity are less as compared to others branch. It is not so, if you are hardworking and talented then there is a lot of opportunity in this sector.

Then best of luck and go ahead. We think now you can decide your branch if you don't get the branch of your choice by mistake or due to your lower rank then don't worry, we will tell you how to deal with this situation.

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